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Gosiger High VolumeApr 5, 2023 12:15:00 PM1 min read

How NomuraDT and Automation Can Transform Your Operation

NomuraDT offers high-speed machining in a compact footprint. With its design and rigid structure, the DST can maintain stable precision even at high speeds. This process stability makes these machining centers great candidates for lights-out machining. Adding machine-tending automation to one of our drill/tap centers allows you to free up your machinists, increase your profit margin, and increase the output of your operation.

NOMURADT_WITH_AWR_SMALLDue to its rigid structural design, the DST Series decreases vibration, which results in the ability to attain finer detail and better quality in each part. This also results in long-lasting process stability, which lets your machinists attend to other tasks instead of worrying about manually adjusting for variance. By adding automated machine tending, such as a Load & Go from Automation Within Reach, you have a VMC that can hold size and run through an entire shift without needing your machinists to monitor, feed, or unload it.

To stay competitive in the manufacturing industry, automation may be a necessary step. Even less aggressive solutions, such as adding only machine-tending automation to your operation, can significantly improve your profit margin. The average cost-per-part can be negatively impacted by dropped or damaged parts, accident liability, and even wasted labor. Robots don’t succumb to fatigue or injury and can perform the same task the same way every time. With a DST’s process stability and a robot’s consistency, you will have fewer scrapped parts and a higher profit margin.

If you find yourself barely keeping up with the competition and struggling to find new machinists to monitor your machines, this powerful combo can easily turn that around. Due to their ability to run nonstop, a DST and a Load & Go can fill an extra position or run overnight, letting you increase your productivity without reallocating or overworking your machinists.

The DST and the Load & Go make a great team, able to churn out parts and keep your business thriving. If you’re interested in learning more about how this dynamic duo can improve your operation, please reach out to one of our representatives, and we’ll be glad to help you out!

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