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CNC Milling Machines

Nomura DS milling machines provide high-quality machining with short turnaround times. Combined double-face contact reduces vibrations during cutting extending tool life, while ensuring optimal performance and durability.


Superior Milling Machine Performance

  • Our CNC milling machines boast a highly efficient automatic tool changer and rapid traverse speeds, and our compact machining centers seamlessly cater to ultra-fast machining needs. 
  • These features render them a perfect match for swift and precise operations, aligning perfectly with the demands of modern manufacturing. 
  • Nomura DS’s milling solutions ensures unparalleled performance and reliability throughout your manufacturing processes.

CNC Milling Machine Operations


With advanced technology and precision engineering at the forefront, our machines can execute intricate milling operations with utmost accuracy and repeatability.


Whether sculpting intricate designs, creating prototypes, or manufacturing complex components, our CNC milling machines offer the versatility to meet your diverse production needs.


Our machines, equipped with high-speed spindles and cutting-edge tooling systems, ensure swift material removal while maintaining exceptional surface finish quality.


With ten milling machines available to meet your needs running from general use to electric vehicles and semiconductors, Nomura DS milling machines have you covered.


Nomura DS milling machines use a 30BBT taper with double-face contact to maintain extremely high precision while operating at fast speeds.

Tool Changing

Our armless-type Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) maximizes productivity by significantly reducing non-cutting time through lightning-fast tool-changing intervals.


Take advantage of a large working area with a perfectly sealed structure to help block chip and coolant on all guide surfaces.

Dual Table

This feature rotates 180° in only 4.5 seconds, giving the operator access to the finished part during machining. (DST-36D only)

24/7 Service and Support

Nomura DS offers 24/7 service and support for all of our milling machines. Our preventative maintenance programs eliminate large-scale, costly repairs, and ensure your tools last longer, improving return on investment. Get replacement parts within 24 hours when available. 

Training Programs for New Machines

Improve your machine operators’ experience with our training programs following the purchase of a Nomura DS milling machine. From hands-on programming instructions following the purchase of your Nomura machine to basic mechanical and electrical maintenance training. Nomura DS offers a wide variety of training opportunities.

nomura ds training (1)

Swiss CNC Turning Machines

Nomura DS can also help with the most intricate Swiss CNC turning machines to meet all of your manufacturing needs. CNC Swiss-style machining can machine longer, slender, and more complex parts with incredible accuracy, efficiency, and throughput.


Get Started With Nomura DS Milling Machines

Our CNC milling machines are designed with durability and reliability in mind. Built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation, they offer long-term value and peace of mind, making them a trusted asset in any manufacturing environment.

Explore our range of CNC milling machines today and discover how our cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise can elevate your machining operations to new heights of success.